How To Deal With Bugs By Using Test Case Management Tools

PrimeTix is a well distinguished and fully featured web based online ticketing and event management program use by the event managers and organizers to sell tickets online in an efficient and precise way. Managers of the box office, sports arenas, concerts and theaters can get the benefit of this outstanding and fully featured software to organize ticketing.  The important thing which needs to be kept in mind by the developers of that software is to maintain the long-lasting and efficiency in performance by using a perfect quality test case management tool. A test case management tool will surely help the developers of PrimeTix to sustain the long-lasting in efficiency and productivity of the software. Kualitee is an impeccable tool that is extensively used by the thousands of event organizers as a test case tools in an efficient and advanced way.

How Kualitee determine inefficiency

Out of all the test case management tools available which help developers to identify bugs; Kualitee is the most efficient and result oriented tool. It delivers the features of project management, test management, and defect management. Developers of PrimeTix can easily take the advantage of stress-free environment in order to manage their testing lifecycle.  This testing management program will help the developers to have a laser focus visibility into their software so as to identify any kind of bug.

Efficient user control is always an important feature of test case management tools but Kualitee will add more into your testing framework. Development team of PrimeTix can take benefit of multiple login categories as well as the efficient users control provided to them by that tool. They can get the detail representation of the types of defects and then finding the ways to remove these abnormalities by getting the help of Kualitee information-rich format. The process flow of that software is completely intuitive and helps developers to maintain proper documentation and reports.

By running multiple tests, Kualitee will make the product stable. On the other hand, it also fulfills the requirement of regression testing and provide complete enhanced maturity at the time when the product will be launched. Developers of PrimeTix can create certain roles and set of privileges to keep users under specific job roles. By defining each member a particular role as a tester, admin tenant, developer and test manager developers could efficiently find out the level of software efficiency and the vulnerabilities attached to it.


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